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We are Situated in Meerut which is a not for profit voluntary Foundation, established in the year 2009 with an objective of providing barrier free rehabilitation services for people living with problem of health care for marginalized sections of the society.

We are evolved like a process of empowerment and took shape of social entrepreneurship of a person.

We are the most trusted and recommended Center in Meerut.

Our Unique Protocol to treat the Patients we motivate and heal the patient in such a manner so that he himself started avoiding with bad habits.

We have 24*7 Nursing Staff and Doctors. We do not torture the patients rather we do the Treatment with complete scientific manners.

We have touched the record almost 90% of our patients has completely get rid from their bad habits.

In simple word we can describe our center “it is most affordable and Luxurious center in Meerut”


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